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Autism and Gambling Addiction

By Kathie Baker

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Is there a connection between Autism and Gambling Addiction?

Autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is a condition which impacts many families.  The range of symptoms present from severe to mild or what is referred to as someone being on the spectrum. 

Some with ASD struggle with change, communication and interacting in social settings.  Most of us have seen the movie “Rain Man” and it is easy to slot someone with autism into a neat little category, based on limited knowledge of the range of symptoms and the underlying personality and sex of the person.

Assumptions and diagnoses change with time as more evidence comes to light around conditions.  Those who present “differently” to the mainstream are often targeted. A brief history of mental health and how it was treated in the recent past.

Is there a connection between autism and gambling addictions?

The nature of Autism often reflects a person who doesn’t like change and is rigid in their habits. However, are we talking “Rain Man” or our 13 yo who is on the spectrum, but very sociable, smart but obsessed with computer and video games. The new age we live in.



Looking to the past for answers on Autism and Gambling Addiction

In the most recent past those with autistic traits were thought to be relatively immune to developing an addiction to drugs or gambling.  The nature of Autism as a broad definition suggested the condition made them less likely  to make spontaneous choices. Limited social interactions were also seen as a deterrent for those with Autism being exposed to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Peer pressures do not apply. (Or do they?)  

Study by Cambridge on Autism and Gambling Addiction

Research into Autism and Gambling Addiction 

We do what makes us feel good.  Have you ever had a “flutter” on a horse or taken a Tatts ticket and it wins? It’s exciting! Our brain releases dopamine, a chemical which makes us feel good.  Those with a gambling addiction produce this chemical regardless of whether they win or lose.

Treating a Gambling Addiction 

Gambling Addictions and other addictions require specialised treatments.  There’s a range of modalities available for dealing with addictions and rehab clinics that specialise in the treatment of these addictions.

Australia’s public health system is under strain and often there is not enough that can be done in treating gambling addictions, in the public health system.

Private Addiction Clinics

Many are faced with a devasting future because of gambling. Debt, poverty, loss of self-esteem, relationship breakups. Gambling is legal in Australia, with the Australian Government reaping a lot of money from the industry.

Finding help for a Gambling Addiction

Release My super specialises in the release of funds from superannuation to pay for treatment.

Myhab in Melbourne Australia has an outstanding program for addiction, but especially those with Gambling Addictions.

For assistance contact Kathie Baker 1300 090 261 or Release My Super

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