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Find out how early release of Super for IVF can help you start the family you have always wanted.

In Australia, the debate on whether it is ethical to access superannuation prior to preservation age still makes headlines.

The early release of superannuation is strictly controlled by the DHS and legislation that has been passed into law.  Superannuation is there for a reason – namely for our retirement (the twilight years).

When does it become ethical to dip into those savings?  According to legislation – superannuation can be released if you need money now for funeral expenses – funeral financing, hardship assistance, in some circumstances in place of taking out hardship personal loans, or you need money from your superannuation now for dental, which is part medical, IVF, palliative care and other reasons, not quite as explicit.

Today we will discuss the need to access your superannuation for IVF.

IVF has brought joy to so many families.  Those families who without such intervention would not have been able to have a child.  Robert Rushford, founder of Release My Super works with individuals in gaining access to their superannuation earlier than the preservation age.

The DHS recognises the importance of family and allows early access of superannuation for acute mental anguish, caused by the inability to have a child naturally. IVF is now a long standing medical intervention that has enabled couples to have a child.

The process is expensive and often heart wrenching, when a cycle fails to produce results.

Robert (Rushford) knows only too well the heartbreak involved and the joy when the procedure is successful.  His personal motivation to assist couples in finding the funds to have a child is fuelled by his own personal journey.  Robert (Rushford) and his wife, with the assistance of IVF used a surrogate mother to have their child Pip.  Pip, now 17 at the time of writing has brought her parents more joy then they thought possible.  This is the joy Robert (Rushford) wishes for other couples wanting a child.

For many couples accessing their superannuation to fund their IVF program is the only way they can move forward.   Robert (Rushford) through his company Release My Super is proud to be instrumental in assisting couples to find a way of finding that money – through early release of their superannuation.

IVF is the gift of life, something taken for granted until it is denied.

For more information on how to release your superannuation please refer to

This link provides some really information for those looking at IVF.

Early release of superannuation now for IVF.

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