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Mental health is finally being acknowledged and spoken about. It was not that long ago that mental health was a deep and dark dirty secret.  It is little wonder those with mental health issues sank deeper into despair as the pure acknowledgement of their condition was considered shameful.

Today we celebrate Mental Health awareness.  However, there is still a long way to go. Services available in the public system for mental health are stretched to their limits. Unfortunately, dealing with mental health is normally not a quick fix of sticking a plaster on it and one is well.  Our mental health issues may be very deep seated.

Superannuation to pay for mental health treatment

The ATO allows those with mental health issues to access super early to pay for the treatment they may never get in the public system.

In order to apply under the Compassionate Release of Super Program a report is required from :-

  1. Psychiatrist
  2. Your regular treating GP

The program is broad in its application of who can apply for someone else.  The rules focus on whether the person is dependent on the other financially and emotionally and lives under the same roof.

Do you need help with mental health or addiction?

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Where do you go if you need treatment?

Normally we reach out to those closest to us or end up at the doctor’s surgery. We wait patiently for our 15-minute appointment and normally leave the clinic with a Mental Health plan, a referral, or a prescription to medications to keep us stabilised.

The mental health plan is the Government’s initiative to getting those in need of mental health services subsidised sessions.  At the time of writing, we can access up to 20 sessions with a psychologist.  However, the demand is so great finding a psychologist who can take you on as a patient is becoming more and more difficult.

Private Clinics for AOD, Detox and Mental Health

As the demand for mental health services continues to rise, pressure is put on the public system.  The wait lists are long with the competition to find a placement at a public facility almost impossible.  The conditions in the public system are often over-crowded.

Private clinics are filling the gaps and offering an alternative to the public system.  Treatment centres for AOD, PTSD, Trauma are providing much needed assistance to those struggling.

However, Private Clinics do not receive money from the public purse and all costs are met by the clients.  This poses the question of how you pay for treatment that can cost a minimum of $15K per month.  The programmes available may cost far more if the program is tailored to the individual client’s needs.  And we are all individuals with our own unique problems.

Mental Health and Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

School teachers, nurses, police, ambulance services, magistrates, judges, lawyers, doctors, mental health workers – Yes there is no such thing as being immune to mental health and the spin offs related to mental health.  We are all programmed to withstand a certain amount of stress and when that barometer pops it doesn’t matter what your profession is the outcome is normally the same.  Executives with burnout, homemakers exhausted with life.  Teenagers looking for a way out of the stresses they face.  Mental Health is real.

Do you need help with mental health or addiction?

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