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PTSD and Trauma

Anxiety and depression are often a result of trauma and the result of the trauma is referred to as PTSD

The trauma may be remembered trauma or trauma buried so deep our minds have sought to block it out.  Dissociation, addictive behaviours, flashbacks, memory loss, nightmares or personality disorders may be a result of the trauma.

Not every person reacts to trauma in the same way. Trauma is very individual and we often think of trauma as a significant event – such as having been to war or being a victim of domestic violence.

PTSD is now recognised by medical authorities.  However, not that long ago those returning from war exhibiting symptoms of PTSD were described as having shell shock.

Without treatment trauma or PTSD may lead to a self management type of care, where prescription meds, alcohol dependence or dependence on other drugs is used to cope.

PTSD is a recognised mental health condition and requires a professional approach to manage and heal the destruction it may inflict.

Emergence of Stress Disorder after Covid 19

Over recent times, we have experienced Covid 19 and it has left many feeling unable to cope with life. The isolation, the uncertainty and the financial stresses have triggered a new wave of depression and anxiety.

The Australian Government has given the green light to extend the Mental Health Program, a program which funds sessions through Medicare.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Do you feel like you have checked out or have emotionally disengaged? Coming back from war or being brought up or living in a war torn area are not the only pre-cursors that may lead to trauma. Emotional abuse, sexual abuse, especially as a young child may significantly impact on how that child grows into an adult.

Treating PTSD and trauma

There’s a number of ways to find help and the first point of call is normally to go to the GP. However, finding the funds to get the help required often means adding another layer of stress to an already difficult situation.

The ATO allows us to access money from superannuation to fund mental health treatments. If you, your partner or child is struggling with mental health then there may be a way to find peace of mind again.

Release My Super works with a number of clinics that specialise in PTSD, addiction and mental health.   The Banyans Health and Wellness Qld provides an individualised treatment program. The Health Retreat on the Sunshine Coast is an exceptional clinic that deals with trauma and PTSD.

Is Fear Controlling You – The Cycle of Fear

Fear, anxiety and panic often leads to self medication or over medicating with alcohol, drugs or prescribed medications.

Panic Away has helped many of us who have or are suffering with anxiety and panic. Free yourself.

A program designed to deal with panic, fear and anxiety.

Putting an end to Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Attacks Naturally.

The Panic Away Program has touched over 70,000+ lives in 32 countries worldwide. (reference Panic Attack website).

The stages of PTSD

The Banyans has an excellent article on their website which breaks down the stages of PTSD. They have broken it down into the “5 stages of PTSD”.  This article is backed up by some very interesting research and definitely worth reading.  The 5 stages of PTSD.

Remember anyone can develop PTSD as a result of trauma

Jenny was not the most popular teenager. She came from an underprivileged family and could not afford to dress “right”. In her attempt to gain popularity she took a promiscuous road and was labelled very early. The bullying online continued to rage and she began to cut herself off from the world. Her hate turned inwardly and she began self harming.

Fortunately Jenny was “seen” by her teachers at school and an intervention was taken out. She is now doing well and on the path to recovery.

Don’t be a statistic. Mental health is real.

Kathie Baker

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