Thanks Contacting RMS for Mental health

In order to have the application assessed and approved we need the following.

1.  Report by psychiatrist (we arrange that for you).  1 hour consult and the psychiatrist will then write up the report.  $660 no Medicare Rebates
2.  GP report

We have our clients in front of the psychiatrist within hours of the payment going through.

The client then takes the psych assessment along with the paperwork for the GP to the GP to have a similar report written up. We provide the client with the necessary paperwork and clear instructions on what is required by the ATO.

Once we the information required it is submitted to the ATO through your My Gov.

The ATO has a service period of 14 days and at the moment they are taking this much time. Release My Super tracks the file with the ATO and keeps things moving.

After the approval by the ATO the paperwork is sent to the super fund and the funds are paid to the client. This takes around another 5 – 7 days for the super fund.


1.  Psych 660
2.  RMS 770
3.  The Government taxes monies from super at 22%

Please let me know if this is going to cause hardship and we will be as flexible as we can in relation to payment.  The psych assessment though we need to pay immediately and the file cannot progress without the psych assessment.

If you decide to go ahead with the release of super we need the following information to set up your file on our system.

1.  Full name and Address
2.  Date of birth
3.  Name of super fund and rough balance of fund
4.  Clinic

Once set up in our system you will receive an email to activate your account and set your password.  From then on everything is communicated via the portal (our system).  You can call whenever you wish to speak, but the portal keeps me organised 🙂

Call me if you wish to discuss any further aspects of the process.


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