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Accessing Super for IVF, mental health & addiction treatment using compassionate release of super.

Release My Super assists clients to obtain access to superannuation savings on compassionate release of super grounds for addiction, mental health and IVF treatment. All three of these applications requires specialist evidence that treatment is necessary because of “acute or chronic mental illness”.

Fortunately, Release My Super specialises in the release of super under mental health provisions. Let us help you understand the nature of an application to pay for treatment from your superannuation savings to access the treatment of mental health services you may not have been able to afford. Our health should not be dependent on the depth of our pockets; therefore the ruling around the Compassionate Release of Super Program is welcomed by all Australians.

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Accessing Super

We work hard to help our clients gain access to their superannuation savings for life’s unexpected events.

Release my Super is more than a company – we are a team committed to assisting you to understand the rules around the release of superannuation.

And where possible we will help you gain access to superannuation funds for treatment.


Can I Withdraw My Superannuation?

Our aim is to remove the barriers involved in making an application to release superannuation under the compassionate release of super program.

Rules exist for the early release of super and Release My Super works within this framework to ensure that the program is operated fairly and without abuse.

Our goal is to ensure you have an understanding of how the program works and whether you might access your super for the purposes approved by the ATO and your superannuation funds.

Release My Super is an accredited tax agent and our team will always assist in providing you with relevant and current information on your eligibility to release superannuation savings under the compassionate release of super program.

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