You may be able to access super early if you’re in severe financial hardship or some other reasons including compassionate grounds.

Super is considered a long-term investment to fund the retirement of Australian citizens. to access super early can be difficult and strictly limited to special circumstances.

If you are eligible, you may be able to access some of your super before retiring due to:

You can apply to access your super before your preservation age on ‘compassionate grounds’, this is an area that Release My Super has years of experience in. Release My Super specialises in the release of funds under this program within the area of mental health. However there are other categories under this program including:-

For early access of your superannuation for compassionate reasons, you can apply to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), this is something we can help you with. After the ATO approves your application further paperwork is submitted to your super fund.

Your superannuation company then pay this as a lump sum from your super into your nominated bank account. The money released by the super fund is normally taxed at 22%.

The steps involved in applying for early release of your super are:

  1. Check you meet the ATO conditions to access your super early
  2. Organise your documents for submission to the ATO
  3. Complete and submit your form to the ATO
  4. Prove your identity
  5. Apply to your super fund for the release of your money

Release My Super are here to help, if you are needing to access super early please contact us via our contact form or call us on 1300 090 261.

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