If you need addiction help, you can release your superannuation for Alcohol & Drug Treatments

Looking for admission in the public sector for alcohol or drug treatment is often difficult, particularly when urgent help is required.

This leaves you with the option to investigate private rehab clinics. The private sector offers immediate help and programs which are structured for success in a defined period.

To help fund private alcohol and drug treatment the Australian Government allows for release of superannuation savings for addiction help.

Compassionate release of superannuation for this treatment is administered by the Australian Taxation Office.

The application is technical in nature and requires a medical assessment and a report from a consulting psychiatrist and treating General Practitioner.

The ATO Test for Compassionate Release of Super

The ATO test is that your addiction constitutes an “acute or chronic mental illness”. This requirement means that you will need the certification of medical practitioners that you are suffering a mental health condition requiring treatment.

Release My Super specialises in the release of super for mental health treatment. Let us help you understand the nature of an application to pay for treatment from your superannuation savings.

You will require medical reports from a General Practitioner and Psychiatrist.

You cannot use a psychologist or other specialist as your medical specialist as the ATO has assessed that ALL applications under the mental health banner now require a Psychiatric Report.

The ATO website has been amended to require that “the registered medical specialist must be specialised in the area in which they are giving their opinion. If you apply for treatment of an acute or chronic mental illness, most applications will require a medical report from a psychiatrist”.

The ATO will only release your superannuation on compassionate grounds if you:

ATO Website

  • meet the eligibility requirements of the compassionate ground you’re applying for
  • have not paid for the expense – they can only approve the compassionate release of superannuation to help you with unpaid expenses. If you have already paid the expense using a loan, a credit card or money borrowed from family or friends, you do not meet the eligibility requirements.
  • can’t afford to pay the expenses without accessing your super e.g. by obtaining a loan or using your savings
  • are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand
  • provide all required supporting evidence and invoices/quotes.

Rules and guidelines around accessing your superannuation for alcohol and drug treatment have been put in place to make sure compassionate access to your superannuation is available.  But the process can make it difficult for those wanting to release super for immediate treatment.

Release My Super can assist in the process and guide you towards the release of super to access private rehab.  To discuss your needs call us.

Addiction Help – Call 1300 090 261

Don’t put off important alcohol or drug treatment – speak to us today about accessing your superannuation savings.

I need to get to Rehab fast

“I suffer from mental health problems. I am anxious and depressed. I started drinking every day. My parents were heavy drinkers. I need help.”

Anyone who works in mental health understands the issues around getting help for addiction.  The choice of clinics is vast, BUT the clinics are not all equal.

At Release My Super we help you get immediate help.

Ordinary men and women seeking help from Release My Super on their journey to stop using alcohol and drugs. They need help but have spent their savings and those of their family during periods of drug and alcohol abuse.

Addiction is complex; Recovery is within your reach

People become addicts for a lot of reasons and sometimes there is no real understanding as to why alcohol or drug use becomes an addiction.

What we do know is that private drug rehabilitation in Australia is expensive and public treatment spaces just don’t exist in the numbers needed.

Release of Super is often a good option for clients to pay for rehab and mental health treatment.

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If you have any questions regarding releasing superannuation savings for IVF, mental health and addiction treatment contact Release My Super on 1300 090 261 or ring Kathie Baker direct on 0475 471 872.

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