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Covid and young people Gov. Report

Our kids are struggling NBC news report

I am a mother, I am a grandmother and I listen to parents reaching out on a daily basis. Release My Super specialises in the release of funds from super for mental health and addiction treatments. RMS works with the ATO around the paperwork under a scheme known as The Compassionate Release of Super.

The Stress of life

Australia has always been considered the “lucky country”.  We are a lucky country in many respects. We are free from civil war. Australia is a wealthy country with social security measures in place to give assistance to those struggling. Whilst we all complain about paying too much tax, our Government has delivered to the Australian people on most fronts.

Our life expectancy has risen over time, but our lives at the time of writing are stressful.

Job Security and Job Opportunities

There is pressure and the pressure is mounting.  Covid has left its mark.

Let’s talk employment.

Covid has threatened our livelihoods.  Businesses are closing their doors after sweeping lockdowns across the country. Employment goes hand in hand with emotional security.

Covid has impacted heavily on the hospitality and tourism areas. Often hospitality is a platform where students can work whilst studying.

Mums and dads are losing their positions or losing hours across a range of industries.  With unemployment comes an emotional response.  Anxiety, depression, fear, anger, loss of identity, loss of purpose, financial insecurity…. The children are not immune to the emotions of a household.

Schools are no longer open

Covid snap lockdowns and extended lockdowns have seen the closure of many schools. Many of us hate change, kids are no exception.  School today and no school for the next 6 weeks? The younger children don’t understand and the older children and youths struggle with the demands of online study, no or little interaction, curfews and lockdowns that prevent outside socialisation.

Parents often socialise through school events and activities. These come to a grinding halt with more and more regularity. If the family household has become a pressure pot, kids don’t have any opportunity to “escape”.

Sport relieves stress for parents and kids

Most kids have energy and they can either climb the walls or they can get outside and run it off.  This is a win win when there is opportunity for the kids to get outside and play.  As I write, playgrounds are off limits to all Melburnians.  The solution seems to be more internet time (this comes at a price as well). Too much time on the internet.

Mental health problems on the rise

Mental health is definitely on the tip of everyone’s tongue. We openly discuss, what was once a taboo topic openly and thankfully. Acknowledging mental health is imperative to changing our feelings. There is nothing wrong with reaching out to someone for assistance.  Using alcohol, drugs, aggression or abusing prescribed medication to cope is not fixing the issue.

911 – Mothers pass trauma on to unborn children

After 911, there was a study on the number of pregnant women who passed trauma onto their unborn children.  Report. There has long been a view that trauma can be passed on from generation to generation.

How will Covid impact our very young?

Here, we are not discussing the chance of catching Covid, but rather the impact of Covid on us from a social perspective.  If a parent has detached emotionally and cannot engage with a child the child will suffer.  As humans we thrive in environments where there is interaction at a physical level.  Humans need touch. Report.

Support Services for our Youth

If we as parents and grandparents cannot support our youth, our kids and our infants then we are walking down a very dark road.  When we board a plane, the flight attendant gives the instructions on what to do in an emergency.  The adult is instructed to put your own mask on and then assist the minors.

When we are not coping we need to get help for ourselves first.

Silence can kill

Speak out if you see or hear:-

  • Abuse
  • Neglect

This new world of isolation may hide neglect and abuse from the outside world. Many don’t feel it their obligation to reach out and assist someone else. However, living with the knowledge that you did nothing to assist when you could have is massive.

Protect each other and protect our kids.

When you need assistance to pay for a program then call us at Release My Super.

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