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Mental Health Application to ATO for Compassionate Release of Super

Release My Super specialises in applications to the ATO based on addiction, mental health, and IVF.  Please note that the application associated with IVF is on the basis of mental health.

How can I get into a psychiatrist straight away?

Every application submitted to the ATO under the provisions of compassionate release of super – category of mental health MUST be diagnosed by a PSYCHIATRIST.  New changes to the processing of these applications states MENTAL HEALTH applications equals a specialist report by a psychiatrist.

Unfortunately, the mental health system is overwhelmed at the time of writing and psychiatric services are not easy to get into.  Mental health does not go away so waiting long periods for paperwork often increases anxiety.  Patients who needs to get into a program for mental health, addiction or want to begin IVF cannot wait months to see a psychiatrist to satisfy the application process of releasing funds from super to pay for treatment/s.

Release My Super has flagged this as a very dangerous and discouraging time for applicants.  Addiction and mental health should not hinge on the ability to pay for treatment, but unfortunately when applicants don’t have money, they rely on loans and the release of super to fund the treatments at private facilities.  The price tag and the hoops around the application process often STOPS clients/patients from moving forward in getting the help they need.

A psychiatrist for IVF applications to the ATO

IVF is a test of tenacity, stress and waiting.  If the psychiatric assessment is holding back your application then call Kathie on 0475471872 .

Our team of dedicated psychiatrists understand the urgency of treatment/s and we work on a turnaround time of 48 hours for psychiatric appointments.

A psychiatrist for all mental health applications to the ATO

The process of applications for release of super with the ATO are there to protect our system.  The ATO requires a set of standards that are laid out and keep everything equal and fair.  The super fund is in place for our retirement and should only be used when there is a demand that outweighs NOT using the funds.  Our health – well who can argue?  However, the hurdle is to prove the application to the ATO  for the release of funds.  Psychiatrists are difficult to access within short timeframes.  An appointment time in 8 weeks does not work when the client is in active addiction with his/her life at risk.  Call us today at Release My Super.

Release My Super – Life’s unexpected events

Take the stress away from the situation and then everything begins to unfold.  We are a committed team working for a result, to get our clients well.  We work to make lives better and we love what we do.

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