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Kathie Baker from Release My Super writes:-

When applying for the release of superannuation under compassionate release of super, under mental health, the report must be signed off by a psychiatrist.

This can cause problems for the applicant when they do not have an existing relationship with a psychiatrist. Even if the client does have a relationship with a psychiatrist the psychiatrist may not be available for a consult with the client within a reasonable time frame.  The schedules of these health professionals is crippling.  The rise in the demand for mental health services recognises even finding an appointment with a psychologist is difficult with services in these areas under such high demand.

Consultant Psychiatrists

Release My Super has relationships in place with psychiatrists who consult to Release My Super.  These psychiatrists are specialists in the fields of addiction, child and adolescent psychiatry and general mental health. Release My Super will arrange an appointment with one of our psychiatrists for the assessment around mental health applications within a 48-hour period.  These assessments are only for those clients seeking the release of super through compassionate grounds with the ATO.

I can’t find a psychiatrist, what can I do?

When a client requires release of super to pay for IVF or mental health treatment, which can include addiction and a suitcase of other conditions, the client cannot wait months for an appointment with a psychiatrist.  The relationships Release My Super has established in this area ensures the application for the release of funds is not stalled and the ATO has the supporting evidence to assess the application.

Fear around these applications is not knowing

Where can I find a psychiatrist?

Where can I find a psychiatrist near me?

How can I get into see a psychiatrist straight away?

How can I get to see a psychiatrist with Covid going on?

These are all legitimate questions and the fears of clients seeking to complete the correct paperwork for an early release of super on compassionate grounds under mental health. The client’s fear is normally heightened as most applications have a time sensitive component as well.

No time for psychiatrists to take on new patients

Release My Super recognises many psychiatrists will not take on a new client for a consultation with a client they will probably never see again.  Therefore, the relationships we have established are important in the process of these types of applications.

If a client has a relationship with a psychiatrist Release My Super is more than happy to use the client’s psychiatrist.  This becomes a win-win to the client as the client is given a way to move forward with the application, no matter the client’s individual circumstances.

When someone reaches out for treatment the delays in getting into a program may be the reason, they throw their hands in their air and give up.

If you need a psychiatrist for the purposes of an application for the early release of super under compassionate grounds, then give Kathie Baker from Release My Super a call on 0475 471 872.

Immediate access to our psychiatrists for IVF and mental health applications for superannuation under compassionate grounds.

Changes to the requirements by the ATO

At the time of writing the requirements for IVF will change on 30 September 2021.  After this date, all applications will require a consultation with a psychiatrist.  The demand in this area around IVF applications is beginning to filter through as clients begin to feel the impact of this change.

The hurdles of mental health

The hurdles to release money from super are fluid. Government bodies must do their due diligence around the requirements associated with the early release of super, but vulnerable clients are exposed to more red tape.

Release My Super understands the complexities and the emotional drain, the anxiety, and the depression.  We speak to clients every day, who are just like you.

Give us a call and we will take care of all the red tape.

Gender dysphoria, IVF, Mental Health, Addiction, Autism, ADHD.  When you require support to release funds from your super to pay for treatments under mental health, Release My Super is the place to start your journey.

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