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By Kathie Baker

I feel

Over time everything changes.  If you are born into a period where you feel different to the accepted social norms what do you do and how do you navigate a world that doesn’t understand YOU?

Release My Super assists with the compassionate release of super, based around mental health. We live in a society of rules and as such the rules relating to the access of super are governed by the Government of the day and the program is administered by the Australian Tax Office.

What is gender dysphoria?

The term Gender dysphoria describes how a person feels about themselves in the sense they may not feel comfortable about the gender they were born into. 

I was born as a female, yet I loved getting dirty and hanging out with the boys.  Is this gender dysphoria?  The question is more complex, as the assessment looks at a range of criteria to reach a diagnosis. 

Pre puberty the world can seem relatively safe.  Imagine feeling a certain way and then finding you are looking at a body in the mirror that does not match the way you feel. This alone can trigger all manner of emotional responses. 

It is sad gender dysphoria is such a difficult path to navigate and it can be difficult to find services to assist in recognising signs of gender dysphoria.  The internet is where most turn to find information and fortunately there is more available information on the subject.


Is gender dysphoria curable?

This question is distasteful, but it does reflect the ignorance around gender dysphoria.  Unfortunately, conforming to the mainstream makes us feel like we fit. I am born me and it should not matter if I am different to you.

Each of us has a different path and it is about living OUR best life that matters.

Gender confirmation surgery

Everyone is different and some choose surgery.  This is a process as a history must be established and documented.  The plastic surgeon, who specialises in this type of surgery requires a full assessment from a mental health worker to assess if the patient is a candidate for the elected surgical option.  Another hurdle?  Yes, but it is important the patient satisfies these pre-requisites.

The Process 

Our first point of contact always seems to be through our GP.  Clients are often referred through to a clinical psychologist with training and experience in this area.

If the client wants surgery, they normally find their way to plastic surgeon who specialises in this field.  The surgeon will go through the options, which will include reports from other mental health workers who support the diagnosis.

Paying for the surgery

Release My Super assists with the release of funds from your super to pay for the surgery.  The application is made under compassionate grounds but must be endorsed by a psychiatrist.  The client may have already seen clinical psychologists and other mental health workers and have reams of evidence to support the diagnosis.  However, the ATO will not accept the application unless it is signed off by a psychiatrist.

Release My Super sees the “unfairness” in the process, but we can only work within the framework and guidelines set up for the early access to super.

I need to find a pscyhiatrist

Our psychiatrists will assess the recommendations and the evidence of the other mental health workers.  By teaming with YOUR existing mental health team and plastic surgeon we collate a history for our psychiatrist.  One of our psychiatrists will meet with the client.  Following the consultation, the psych will write up the report to enable Release My Super to submit for the early release of super to the ATO.

The path to celebrating YOU.

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