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Written by Kathie Baker, Release My Super.

Set up a go to place at home for your Mental Health

Mental Health is finally accepted. The stigma of mental health has lifted and it is discussed openly. In fact, we are encouraged to speak out on these issues. The challenge is now to find a place to begin the journey. Finding the help needed to deal with the issues we face can be difficult and there’s a load of reasons why we can’t start the journey to wellness:-

  1. Lack of funding
  2. Location
  3. Family support (you may be the carer of others and cannot get away)
  4. Lack of professional support services

The journey around mental health can be as difficult, as it can be like digging for gold. You just don’t really know what is beneath the surface.

There is no one magical cure for all. Meditation may work for some, whilst art therapy may work for another. Both methods can “heal” and are regularly used at retreats as part of therapy.

Set up your own space at home to heal

The key is being consistent and setting up a daily schedule. Think of it like taking your daily shower and incorporate your “healing” time into your day. Be realistic and don’t over tax yourself.


Meditation sometimes feels like playing pingpong. You are focused and then all of a sudden you are somewhere else. Back to the game and then gone again. This is “NORMAL”. The process of meditation is to become aware, not in a story in your head. Using an anchor such as the breath or noises around you can be effective in keeping yourself “grounded”.

Meditation can change our brains and the way they are “wired”. Meditation does allow us (with practice and over a period of time) to stay focused. My personal observations lie in the fact I can remain calm and focused in times of stress. I can remain anchored in the moment, without my mind racing off in a rage driven by the emotions of a crazed, menopausal woman.  I now swim in a pool of calm waters not rapids.


Explore this world, as it can take you into a place where time stands still. Betty Edwards wrote a fascinating book “Drawing on the right side of the brain”. Moving into a space where the focus is the piece of artwork you are producing, calms. Time really does stop, once you cross this space and allow yourself to get lost in the magic of art.


Yes, exercise helps and once again can be set up inside the home.  Mix it up, and make the transformation fun!


It is difficult to stay motivated (my problem). Working with a partner makes you accountable and many work better in a group or at least with a partner. Identify how you can help yourself and then set to the task. Grab “your” person and start your journey.

What we eat

If you put the wrong fuel in, then don’t expect results.  Our gut is said to be our second brain and needs to be looked after.  I cannot drink large amounts of caffeine as it makes me feel on edge.

Going to a clinic?

If you are able to get professional help to make the journey back to “Yourself” there’s a number of extremely great places to call. Reach out and speak to them, but in the meantime, help yourself and start the journey.

Release My Super assists clients to attend private clinics for mental health, addiction and for after-care programs.  Read more on how to pay for treatments.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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