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NDIS – The National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a financial solution for Disabled Australians and their families. However, today many like me are left with a gap between NDIS funds and therapy services.

NDIS Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI)  Plan Funding

When I read the annual NDIS plan review, the realisation of the gap in the funding from the NDIS crept over me.  First came the disbelief,  then the anger and then the tears.

From my experience, the shortfall seen in NDIS Early childhood Early Intervention (ECEI)  Plan funding is especially prevelent.

My name is Ann and I am a Grandmother bringing up my 5 year old grandson with autism. I am just one of the exhausted unpaid careers for the 4.3 million (as at 23/09/2019) Disabled Australians.

Centrelink to the rescue

Australia has safety nets – such as Centrelink.  However a Centrelink Pension or Centrelink Carer’s Allowance does not cover the therapy bills that result from the shortfalls in NDIS plans.  These shortfalls, either stay as that,  shortfalls,  and the therapies are cut back to meet the lack of funding, or money is taken from other areas.  The sale of the family home, borrowings from other family members and friends, or accessing superannuation to make up the shortfall in the NDIS funding.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Early intervention is what we are advised – yet the system fails those parents and grandparents, those carers who want to give their “charges” the best possible outcome to a “normal” life.

When my child’s  ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) 3rd Plan arrived I was filled with hope for myself and my autistic grandson.  This important NDIS plan; the NDIS plan that was to get him ready for mainstream schooling  was $32,000 short.  With this shortfall to the funding my grandson’s therapy won’t happen – unless I can raise the funds.

NDIS plan reviews and appeals take upwards of 8- 12 months to resolve.

The ASD Classroom Reality Check

Year Prep – the first year of Primary School, my 5 year old with ASD enters the classroom without the preparation (therapy) needed for assimilation.  This situation effects my grandson, the teacher and of course the other children in the class.  This child has special needs.  The other children in the class have their own needs.  The teacher – with around 16-25 in a class, 1 autistic has her work cut out.

Sell My House to Fund Therapy for my Autistic Child

I wrecked my brain searching for answers, searching for possibilities.  How can my grandson survive his first year of school, without the preparation needed?  How can I live with myself if I don’t give him that chance in life?

Sometimes the universe sends us a message.  A letter from my superannuation fund.  Could I release my super to fund the therapy?  I am now working with Kathie Baker and Robert Rushford of Release My Super

Every case is an individual situation.  There is no black and white, but Kathie Baker and Robert Rushford are working with the service providers, ATO and the family to give us the best possible chance of finding the money.  The money I have in my super that I need now for a grandson I love dearly.

Release of super under compassionate grounds – as it is classified by the ATO.  This is the start of a new journey and I will keep everyone posted.

Ann – South Australia

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