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Medically Licensed & Accredited Mental Health & Addiction Treatment in Thailand

The Beekeeper House is a unique mental health & well being centre located in the beautiful area of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Beekeeper House treats addiction, mental health conditions and other behavioral issues. Founded on principles of compassion, we blend clinical psychology and Eastern philosophy together, for powerful outcomes for clients.

Their stunning property is a 16-bedroom resort-style treatment centre, spread over 2 hectares and situated in beautiful botanical gardens. The centre has been uniquely designed to create a conducive and peaceful environment and a serene setting for treatment and recovery. They also offer have on offer a custom-built a yoga & meditation sala as well as a recreation sala.

The accommodation is spacious and comfortable, and you can enjoy views into the forest from the poolside, as well as walks through the gardens. The Beekeeper House place great emphasis on creating a supportive environment at their luxury residential Thailand rehab treatment centre. This helps to promote sleep, rest and recuperation when you need it most, enhancing your overall healing and therapy outcomes.

The Beekeeper’s approach to treatment is integrative in the sense that they practice various therapeutic modalities, blend clinical psychology with eastern philosophy, and treat human beings as a whole-inclusive of the mind, body, & spirit. What unites their efforts is a commitment to empathy and a focus on compassion.

The Beekeeper House offer the following treatment options:

Some of the programs they offer are:

As well as:

The Beekeeper House was founded on the principles and values of putting the client at the centre of their approach. Their quality and ethical program is dedicated to the provision of services that completely respect the ethical rights of its clients. This is not just a moral obligation, but also helps enhance the effectiveness of treatment.

If you are looking for an amazing rehab clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand contact The Beekeeper House today.

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Release My Super works with a selection of Rehab facilities in Australia and South East Asia, on the basis that we have reviewed their programs and in most cases visited the facilities many times with our medical representatives.

We do not approve facilities unless we have undertaken the above assessment/s and we do not take payments or fees for referrals to any of our partners.

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