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Written by Kathie Baker:

Small businesses are part of our economy.  Imagine a boat bobbing in the sea.  Imagine a ship bobbing in the sea.  When both are hit by a huge wave, there is more chance the ship will survive than the boat.

Covid has hit and many small businesses have sunk. No-one could predict this. The wave of Covid hit and then the aftershocks of lockdown after lockdown further destabilised these small boats until they just could not keep afloat.

Every small business that is struggling to stay viable and every small business that has sunk knows the impact on the people who run these businesses.  Staff lose jobs and management, and owners often lose more than their jobs.

The Impact on Mental Health

The ripples reach far.  Like a stone thrown into a pond the ripples don’t stop at the entry point of the stone.  Covid 19 has increased the stress on everyone. Creditors (often other small businesses), employees and their families and those running the business and their families are impacted.

Running a business

This is a tough gig. There are so many elements in running a business. Regulations, customers, growth of the business, health obligations, cash flow and then the tsunami we know as Covid 19.

The Australian Government has recognised a massive increase in our mental stress. Initiatives, such as the extended mental health plan is one of the initiatives brought in to assist with the declining mental health and stress that is in the community.

A massive “stressor” in all this is the unknown. Cash incentives for business may help for a while, but without some certainty in our lives depression and anxiety take hold.

Mental Health and Psychical Health

Our bodies and minds should be our temples. However, we neglect our own health and try and cope. We sometimes close down, run amuck, turn to behaviours to cope, lash out with anger or become depressed and anxious. It is only a matter of time before our health is impacted.

Alcohol and Drugs

Readily available and provide a short “fix” to our problems. We forget for a while, but it is not a solution.

Financial stresses

How do you cope when the mortgage is due, and the family needs are not being met?

Release My Super speaks to people daily who are not coping. The sad reality is without intervention life changes based around the new “coping mechanisms” employed to survive.

Seeing the picture from a different perspective

Reframing our thoughts from negative to positive goes long way to keeping well. Not an easy thing to do though, as our minds have a mind of their own. We worry. Genetically, we are pre-disposed to this. The “what ifs”.  Most times the “what ifs” never happen, and all that worry is for nothing, but still, we continue to worry.

Job loss can be demoralising

When there is a situation of unemployment action must be taken. Centrelink, banks, service providers for electricity and gas should be contacted.  Arrangements can be made but if the services are unaware of the new situation  – so make this a priority to protect yourself from being harassed.

Financial Hardship

26 continuous weeks on Centrelink payments allows for a financial hardship application. Check with your super fund, as the super fund controls this type of application and some super funds do not recognise financial hardship applications.

Compassionate Release of Super

Release My Super specialises in applications made under Mental Health. For assistance with a mental health / addiction problem give us a call at Release My Super.

Unpack your suitcase and start filling it with a new beginning.

Mental health affects everyone and knowing when and how to ask for help makes all the difference.

Paying for rehab or mental health treatments.

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