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Psychiatric Assessment for Transgender Surgery

Call Release My Super if you need a psychiatric assessment for transgender surgery.  Kathie 0475 471 872.

Paying for transgender surgery under the compassionate release of superannuation program requires a psychiatric assessment.  Release My Super will work with your medical team and you to provide the information required by the ATO to lodge these specialist applications.

Transgender surgery has given hope to many who want to full fill the dream of gender identity.

Gender identity is a destination, not a journey and we are able to assist with the requirement for psychiatric assessments during the process of evaluating surgery options.

I need a psychiatrist for gender reassignment surgery

Most of us have been touched and know someone who has gender dysphoria and needs help navigating the medical requirements for reporting through a psychiatrist.

The process can feel invasive and the procedure can be a rollercoaster of emotions.

Release of Super for transgender surgery

Many people access super for transgender surgery.  Accessing trans surgery under the compassionate release of super program is managed by the Australian Tax Office.  This is sometimes the only option available to pay for transgender surgery.

How can I access super to pay for transgender surgery?

Applications are submitted to the ATO and must be accompanied by a specialist report and a report from your GP.

Applications are usually submitted under the mental health provisions of the program and the ATO regulations stipulate that all applications under mental health must be supported by a psychiatric report.

Without a psychiatric assessment, the application will not be approved by the Australian Taxation Office.

How do I find a psychiatrist?

Normally, we get assistance from our GP and ask for a referral to a specialist. In this case, it is a psychiatrist.

If an applicant is applying for the release of super to pay for transgender surgery the psychiatrist must assess and diagnose the client to ensure the connection between mental health and having trans surgery treatment is valid.

It is frustrating facing time delays in getting in to see a psychiatrist.  Most psychiatrists are overbooked and will not accept new patients. The waiting time to get an appointment with a psychiatrist can be weeks or months.

Release My Super can help

Release My super specialises in mental health.  Every application we submit to the ATO requires a psychiatric assessment as part of the process and application pre-requisites.

RMS will usually have clients booked in to see a psychiatrist within 48 hours.

The assessment is facilitated using video conferencing and ensures the paperwork for the application to release superannuation is completed and submitted to the ATO without any long waits.

We try to take the stress out of the paperwork and allow clients to concentrate on what they need to complete prior to surgery.

Chat to us at Release My Super

If you need more information on the process give Kathie Baker a call on 1300 090 261 or 0475 471 872 for a confidential chat.

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