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Addiction Coaching provides support and guidance to those recovering from addiction. Addiction Coaching Australia is a leader in addiction coaching and offers programs for those struggling with addiction.

Clients require support and the necessary tools to succeed in their recovery. Inpatient rehab has been the option for most seeking rehab in the past, but addiction coaching is a proven method that works. Traditional forms of inpatient rehab may not be available to clients due to cost, location, work and family commitments. Release My Super works with the ATO to release funds from super for mental health and addiction treatment. If you have any questions, contact Kathie Baker from Release My Super on 0475 471 872.

What is an Addiction Coaching Program?

Addiction coaching requires commitment from attendees. With this commitment clients will gain the most from the  program.

The program aims to help identify behaviours, characteristics, and patterns that affect your decision-making. We strive to equip clients with the resources and tools to regain control of their lives, relationships, and careers.  Our program is delivered with empathy, care, and respect.

Press Release

Conrad Tracey is the founder of Addiction Coaching Australia.

Conrad struggled for over a decade with addiction. He managed to regain control of his life and choices, which enabled him to leave behind substance abuse and embrace life.

The Delta Path – Addiction Recovery

Addiction Coaching Australia’s specialised services are based on a bespoke program known as The Delta Path.  This program is offered as an alternative to traditional rehabilitation services.

The Delta Path is a comprehensive treatment program that meets individuals at their current stage of recovery. Clients are armed with the best tools available and the best opportunity to regain full control of their lives.

The Addiction Coaching Team

Our team is highly qualified. We work with clients to create holistic plans to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health. This holistic approach is imperative to the client’s addiction recovery.

With state-of-the-art diagnostics, comprehensive interviewing, and high-performance coaching techniques, participants receive a bespoke program tailored to their needs, personality type, learning style, and more.

About Conrad Tracey

Conrad’s personal journey with addiction, highly recognised standing in the Melbourne addiction recovery community, and marked professional success developing and coaching high-performance individuals and teams inspired him to found Addiction Coaching Australia. Conrad designed The Delta Path, a program to address substance misuse and other addiction therapies.

Conrad holds a Graduate Diploma in Psychology from the University of Melbourne, qualifications in Mental Health First Aid and Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs.

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Phone: (03) 9989 9932

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