Am I an alcoholic? Are you looking for alcohol rehab in Australia?

A standard drink contains 10g of alcohol.

Have you experienced black outs or not recalling what you did or said after a drinking session?

“It relaxes me of an evening,” she says.

The next morning tells a different story, with empty wine bottles and fog brain. A sick feeling that has become almost a constant companion, as she makes her way into the office after getting the kids packed off.

I drink daily

Doesn’t everyone have a bottle of wine with dinner these days?

Most adults do not know how many drinks you can consume before you are over the limit of drinking responsibly.

  • on any day, you should not drink more than 2 standard drinks
  • on a single occasion, you should not drink more than 4 standard drinks over several hours

The Alcohol Calculator


I am not an Alcoholic

The term alcoholic as defined in the good book (dictionary) states:-

Alcohol abuse disorder refers to a long-term addiction to alcohol.

There’s many shades of grey and YOU may not be coined as an alcoholic. You can stop drinking for weeks or even months. However, the way you consume alcohol may be a very serious problem when you do drink.


Is Alcohol a Drug?

“I have a few beers at the finish of work, a scotch and coke with dinner and a bottle of wine with the wife after the kids go to bed,” says Ash.

Alcohol is a drug and impacts our behaviour, reaction times, speech, thinking processes and our health.

Australian women raise their glasses with the men

Times have changed in Australia. Drinking with the boys is very acceptable – it’s part of our Aussie culture.

In the 1960’s The Rolling Stones with Mother’s Little Helper highlighted the world’s love affair with benzodiazepines. These tranquillisers were legitimately prescribed by GPs.

Patients fronted up to get their prescriptions filled comfortable in the belief the doctor knows best.

When drinking is sanctioned, there isn’t a stigma, until people around us start to question if we have a “drinking problem”.

In some countries alcohol is banned. In Australia, it brings in taxes.

In 2016-17 Australians drank 186m litres of pure alcohol – equivalent to more than nine litres for each person over the age of 15 years. (Source of information).

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Do I have a problem with alcohol?

If you are reading this – you are already asking yourself this question for yourself or a loved one.

Living with someone or around someone with an alcohol problem can be extremely challenging. Walking away can sometimes seem the easiest option. Remember, alcohol abuse is often associated with underlying mental health issues.

Make the call and reach out.

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