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East Side Recovery: Intensive Recovery Programs

by Kathie Baker CEO Release My Super 1300 090 261 | 0475 471 872

Release My Super specialises in the release of superannuation under the compassionate release of super program for drug and alcohol rehab, mental health treatment, gambling addiction, and IVF. 

Recovery from addiction is a challenging journey that requires dedication, support, and the right resources. East Side Recovery is a leading rehabilitation facility that offers intensive recovery programs designed to help individuals overcome addiction and build a foundation for a healthy and fulfilling life. And what I love about East Side Recovery is that the staff are heartfelt in their work and undertake their programs with a strong client focus.

A Holistic Approach to Recovery

Eastside Recovery believes in a holistic approach to recovery, recognising that addiction is a complex issue with physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Their programs address these aspects comprehensively to ensure a well-rounded and lasting recovery.

Individualised Treatment Plans

At East Side Recovery, each client receives an individualised treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. The experienced and compassionate team of professionals assesses the unique challenges faced by each individual and designs a program that includes a range of evidence-based therapies and interventions.

Therapy and Counselling

Therapy forms the foundation of East Side Recovery’s intensive recovery programs. Individual counselling sessions enable clients to explore the root causes of their addiction, develop coping mechanisms, and build resilience. Group therapy sessions foster a sense of community and provide opportunities for clients to learn from others going through similar experiences.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Many individuals struggling with addiction also have underlying mental health issues. East Side Recovery recognises the importance of addressing these co-occurring disorders and offers integrated dual diagnosis treatment. By addressing both addiction and mental health, clients have a higher chance of achieving long-term recovery.

Life Skills Training

To ensure a successful reintegration into society, East Side Recovery focuses on life skills training. Clients learn practical skills which address finance, time management, and effective communication, which are vital for maintaining a self-sufficient and balanced lifestyle.

Aftercare Support

Recovery is an ongoing process, and East Side Recovery understands the need for ongoing support. Their recovery programs include comprehensive aftercare support to help clients maintain their sobriety and continue their personal growth. This support may include outpatient counselling and alumni programs.

Why Choose East Side Recovery?

East Side Recovery stands out among other rehabilitation facilities due to its commitment to individualised care, evidence-based practices, and a compassionate approach.

Here are some reasons why East Side Recovery’s intensive recovery programs are highly regarded:

  • Experienced and licensed professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals through their recovery journey.
  • Emphasis on the client’s overall well-being, including physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.
  • A proven track record of successful outcomes and positive testimonials from clients.
  • Flexible and customised program lengths to accommodate the unique needs and circumstances of each individual.

Take the First Step Towards Recovery

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, East Side Recovery provides a comprehensive and supportive environment to embark on the path to recovery. With a focus on individualised care and an array of evidence-based therapies, East Side Recovery is committed to helping individuals build a solid foundation for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

Release My Super

The financial burden of major life health events can be overwhelming, whether it is caused by addiction or mental health, and the money you require for treatment may be available to you through the early release of superannuation.

Kathie Baker CEO Release My Super

Best wishes, Kathie Baker

Author: Kathie Baker, CEO Release My Super 1300 090 261 | 0475 471 872

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