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Are you looking to conceive and wondering how I can pay for IVF?

Are you considering IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) to start or expand your family but worried about the associated costs? Rest assured, you’re not alone. Release My Super has helped 100’s of people wanting to pursue fertility treatments so they can start a family.

IVF is expensive and many of our clients over the years have turned to their super to pay for IVF, however there is quite a detailed and a particular process to meet the requirements for the release of your super for IVF. For those who have super, either partner can access money from their super to pay for IVF.  The funds are released from a combination of both partner’s superannuation funds, or alternatively from either partner’s funds.

IVF has brought joy to so many families throughout Australia, with most of these families, who without such intervention would not have been able to have a child. Release My Super works with individuals and helps them to gain access to their superannuation earlier than the preservation age.

For many couples, accessing their superannuation to fund their IVF program is the only way they can move forward. Release My Super is proud to be instrumental in assisting couples to find a way of finding that money through early release of their superannuation.

The ATO website has been amended to require that “the registered medical specialist must be specialised in the area in which they are giving their opinion.” If you apply for treatment of an acute or chronic mental illness, applications will require a medical report from a psychiatrist, with all applications submitted under mental health MUST have a psychiatric report.

The test for eligibility is that you are suffering from an “acute or chronic mental illness” and this requirement means that you will need a report from a psychiatrist and your GP. Release My Super can usually get clients booked in to see a psychiatrist within 24 to 48 hours of you making contact with our office.

Pursuing IVF is a big decision that can be difficult to make—especially if you have financial limitations potentially holding you back. In this setting, you need an ally who you can trust to be helpful, informative and compassionate throughout the super release process.

Our compassionate & friendly team understand how stressful it can be to deal with the confusing government paperwork and superannuation requirements when all you want to do is start a family! Our team of trained and knowledgeable professionals will handle the process on your behalf, keep you updated from day one and answer any questions that are still unanswered.

IVF is the gift of life, something taken for granted until it is denied. For more information on how to release your superannuation please get in contact with our team or call 1300 090 261.

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