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Psychiatrist for IVF Super

Psychiatrist for IVF super application

IVF is an established and successful method of bringing a child into the world.  Is the process easy?  The process of turning to IVF is stressful. The emotional roller coaster of hope, disappointment, heartbreak, anger and joy is something those who have NOT undertaken IVF may never understand.

A barrage of tests, injections, hormones, cycles, transfers and on it goes. Unfortunately, IVF is not fully covered by the Medicare System.  The process, whilst undeniably successful in many cases becomes extremely expensive for those who are not successful.  The statistics are that most people know someone who is undergoing IVF.  Most people have a direct relationship with someone who is or has undergone IVF treatment. This alone tells of the number turning to IVF.

IVF using your super to pay for the treatment

Many couples are left with a choice of taking out a loan, borrowing against their existing mortgage or turning to the release of super to fund the treatment.  Most Australians hold enough money in their super (especially as a couple) to provide the money to pay for the program.  However, there is now a requirement for every Compassionate Release of Super Application with the ATO, applying under mental health to provide a psychiatric assessment with the application.

Why do I need a psychiatrist for IVF applications?

IVF compassionate release of super applications come under the category of mental health.  It has been argued for sometime that mental health applications must be signed off by a psychiatrist.  However, IVF has until recently slipped under this requirement.  Until recently it was an accepted practice that the fertility specialist sign off on the application.  The process changed at the end of September 2021.

What do I have to do to get a psychiatrist for IVF?

When faced with the need to find a psychiatrist for IVF, when you have never seen a psychiatrist before can be difficult. The waiting lists for psychiatric services keeps getting longer.

The cost of seeing a psychiatrist is also another burden for those seeking psych services. Unfortunately, with the new requirements by the ATO which necessitates the specialist for these applications be a psychiatrist there is no way around this.

Release My Super for IVF can accommodate a psychiatric appointment within 24 hours. Contact our team now if you require assistance for a Psychiatrist for IVF Super.



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