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Treatments using superannuation to access mental health

Christmas and the holiday season

For many of us the festivities around Christmas and the holiday season represent a time of happiness and joy.  However, for some this is not the case and Christmas and the decorations heralding this holiday season result in a decline of mental health.  Christmas and the holidays around Christmas can trigger all sorts of emotional responses.

Since Covid appeared, life has been extremely difficult for many. The impact has seen the demand forthe reason to access mental health services rise significantly. The Australian Government recognises this and has injected more funding into mental health plans.  Mental health is spoken about more openly and the stigma has significantly lessened over time.

Are you coping with your mental health?  Where do you go to get help? How do you cope?

Many of us “self-medicate” with alcohol and drugs, trying to “dumb” down our senses to cope.  In the short-term this may work for us, but the long-term effects of drug and alcohol dependence can often worsen our mental health and our physical health.

Reach out if you are not coping with life

If you are not coping speak up. Coping is not living, and everyone has the right to live their own best lives and versions of themselves.

Our own suitcase of drama

Yes, we built a house made of straw. The house could not withstand the huff and puff of the big bad wolf.  The house blew away.  In a way we are not different. Often our foundations, those laid down during our informative years maybe like the house of straw. With the first gust of wind, we are a mess.

We continue to add to the suitcase over the years and we may hit “burnout”.

Resetting our mental health compass

Are you drinking way too much? How can I change?   I am unhappy.  I lack energy and I just can’t do this any longer.  Everyone hates me, I hate me!  It is not selfish to want to get well.

Our lifestyles are very different to those of our grandparents.  We live in an age of excess, quick fixes, and immediate gratification.  Our appreciation of simple pleasures has eroded, and we need bigger and better to satisfy our needs.

We need to reset.  Can we reset?

I believe we can, but it often requires us engaging the services of providers who are trained in mental health.  There is NOTHING wrong with recognising a problem and trying to fix the problem

Anxiety, depression, anger

Anxiety is real.  Depression is real.  Resetting our nervous system and dealing with our suitcase of issues may be just what you need coming into the new year.

If you are struggling, then reach out to us at Release My Super to see if you qualify for the release of funds under the compassionate release of super program.  If you know someone who is in need speak to us to see if we can help.

We all have a journey.  We can ask for help or we can suffer alone and in silence pretending everything is ok – which path will you walk along?


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