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by Robert Rushford, Release My Super Client Services

1 May 2021

The new guard wants you to refer to a problem drinker as alcohol-dependent, not as an alcoholic. It seems the word ‘alcoholic’ is one-dimensional and fails to cover all the behaviour complexities when drinking alcohol becomes problematic.

I do not like to refer to myself as an alcoholic as I no longer drink. However, there is no question that during my drinking years I had become stuck in a cycle of alcohol abuse.

Regrettably, under any definition I was an alcoholic and in need of rehab.

When questioned about my sobriety I do not hide or understate my previous issue with alcohol, and I do not hide the fact that alcohol for me was a problem.

The AA model has no issue with the reference of their flock as alcoholics.

One of the best blogs I have read on the matter was written by Annie Grace who runs a website in North America, This Naked Mind .

Her blog is titled Q&A – SHOULD WE STOP USING THE WORD ALCOHOLIC and I commend it to you.

Whilst I acknowledge that the word alcoholic is sharp and its context clearly unflattering, it is not entirely an absolute construct. Alcohol misuse is about the behavioural implications of drinking too much, it is not about how much you are drinking.

Both alcohol dependent people and alcoholics need help. If the fastest route to treatment is using the less inflammatory term ‘alcohol dependent’ then use it!

Problem drinkers know they have an issue. They may construct barriers to treatment to slow down the journey, but I trust in each person’s innate ability to know their place in the drinking ‘bell curve’.

I speak to people every day who have serious issues surrounding their drinking. I do not need to place them into a semantic paradigm, they do it themselves.

“My drinking is out of control and I need help”, is pretty much it!

What alcoholics want at the time of asking for help is a no-judgment helping hand to find the solution to a very nasty problem.

Alcohol is such an every day, available, and legal drug. You cannot even walk past a supermarket nowadays without them offering cheap wines.

For many, alcohol is eventually an isolating drug – often referred to by alcoholics as their friend, when all others have deserted them. Are you drinking too much?

When speaking to clients we would never use the word alcoholic or alcohol dependent or ANY labelling name for alcohol misuse.

The diagnosis is implied by the fact that it takes courage to ring a stranger and ask them about programs for alcohol addiction.

What we do provide is information about treatment and programs like the compassionate release of super which gives fast access to private rehab clinics which are often out of the financial reach of many people.

If you wish to discuss the process of making an application for compassionate release of superannuation under chronic mental health for drug or alcohol addiction contact:

Kathie Baker

Release My Super

0475 471 872 | 1300 090 261

Release My Super specialises in the release of superannuation for mental health treatment and drug and alcohol rehab services.

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by Robert Rushford

Release My Super Client Services

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1 May 2021

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