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Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehab the right choice?

Whether you are looking for yourself or for a loved one, finding the right program to address substance use can be confusing.

  • Have you been given a dual diagnosis?
  • What private clinics offer drug and alcohol residential rehab?
  • Is residential rehab the right choice?
  • How much does the program cost and how am I going to pay for residential rehab?

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What is dual diagnosis?

A dual diagnosis can be complex in nature and needs to be recognised before effective treatment is sought. When a dual diagnosis has been identified finding a clinic either in the public system or the private system is important. The program needs to effectively treat the problems and the clinic must suit the individual client.

For example the demographics of the number of people in therapy, the sex and age of clients at the clinic can and does impact. Imagine a female in a program surrounded by males, when her individual trauma is in relation to domestic violence. A program where there are 20 clients in therapy at the same time may be a trigger to another client. There are many factors that need to be considered when seeking help for substance use and mental health treatments.

Anxiety, depression, ptsd, trauma, eating disorders in combination with the use of alcohol and drugs requires the expertise of those professionals within the field of mental health and addiction to work with the client in achieving the best possible outcome. Time at the clinic, the modality of treatment and the individual professional skills of the therapist/s play a massive part to the recovery of the client.

Has the addiction caused the mental health issues? Have the mental health issues led to the use of drugs and or alcohol to cope with the existing mental health problems, such as anxiety, depression or other symptoms.

There is no doubt many clients coming to Release My Super “self medicate” to cope with the underlying issues of mental health.

Why are we so broken – mental health?

Is being you stressful?  It seems you are not alone.  Mental Health seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue, when it wasn’t that long ago, it was swept under the carpet.  However, today we encourage those with mental health issues to speak up and by speaking out there is hope. The stigma of mental health has faded over recent times and now is the time to find help.

Adjustment Disorder

This is an emotional event that has taken place where it changes a  person’s response from the benchmark of a “normal” response. Fear, domestic violence, childhood trauma – all can lead to adjustment disorder. Those with PTSD, Trauma know full well what this feels like. If the response to a situation is unhealthy or “over the top”, then you may have adjustment disorder.  “Triggers” as they are referred to set off a response in our nervous system which could result in a panic attack, panic disorder or even blackouts.

Simon was witness to his young son running down the driveway after the dog and being hit by a vehicle. Russell died in his arms – 4 years of age.  That was 40 years ago and Simon experienced anxiety and an “over-reaction” to emotions, following the incident.  Simon had no problems, he shut everything out and continued to “function”.  His drinking increased and his health declined.  His marriage broke down due to his drinking, he lost his job.  He is currently in private Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehab (June 2022 – Names changed).

Clients coming through Release My Super

Patterns emerge and there seems to be a very real link between alcohol dependence and substance use, related to mental health.

One can argue which came first, the chicken or the egg, but most clients tell a story of trauma and often self medicate to “dumb down” and cope with the anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

Public Residential Rehab Vs Private Residential Rehab

The public system is available but places in treatment are difficult to get and the increased demand for mental health services is on the rise. The increased demand for clinics to treat alcohol dependence and substance use is on the increase.  The waiting lists are long in the public system and the public spaces are not always in the right facility.

Release My Super works with private clinics in Australia and Asia.  We personally visit each clinic to ensure those releasing super to pay for Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehab are dealing with clinics that offer more than a “Glossy” website and “fast talk”.

Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehab – How do you pay for it?

Private rehab facilities cost money we often don’t have access to. Many by the time they reach the decision to seek help for their mental health are at the end of their journey, emotionally and financially.

The compassionate release of super program is sanctioned by the Government and the ATO administers the program. Money from Superannuation to pay for mental health and substance use may not be the ideal solution, but when there is no other option it seems to be a pretty good option.

Mental health does not discriminate and impacts like a ripple in the water. Get help!

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