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Being Me

Don’t judge me. You are not me. I am my own judge and I am a hard taskmaster. I hate ME. I don’t want your sympathy. I do want your help.

I came into this world adored and now you look at me through different eyes. I am your daughter, I am your son, I am your mother, I am your father, sister, brother, friend, wife or husband.

My world has closed to one of isolation and fear. Alcohol, drugs and addiction have replaced the love and encouragement I once took for granted.

My world of Addiction

Addiction is open to all and does not discriminate. That first high is the best high for many, taking us away from the reality of where we are, building our self-confidence and turning us into a super person.  For some, playing with alcohol or drugs is just a flirtatious dance around the dance floor.  For others this new best friend sees the cracks and is ready to exploit and eventually control and take over.

I look at myself in the mirror and see a stranger, the sunken look around the eyes, the skin and sores. I care not about the way I look, wanting to slip away into my new world. This world is shared by other addicts, but we do not engage with each other as each drug addict or alcoholic only has a relationship with their new master.

Supporting My Daughter with Addiction

I watched helplessly as “Jane” became more and more dependent on alcohol. Her behaviour was erratic, her relationships with others including her boyfriend fell away. Only I stood there, defending her and fighting for her.  How can I watch my little girl destroy herself? Why can’t someone help her?

The battered wife coping with spousal addiction

Sean comes home from work and immediately reaches for the bottle. He is gentle by nature but turns sour after a few drinks. The anger manifests and quickly escalates as he strikes out physically and emotionally. Sean is a prisoner to the bottle, and I am Sean’s prisoner.

The children of Addicts

Mummy and daddy don’t really love us. I look after my little brother and sister. I get them ready for school. Sometimes there is food for us and sometimes nothing.  Mummy stares and says nothing.  Daddy sleeps a lot.

Today’s social issues and Government Support

The Australian Government has been quick to recognise the impact of Covid19 on our mental health. This recognition paves the wave for many more Australians to tap into mental health services.  $1.1 billion dollars has been promised by the Australian Government to deliver services in the areas of mental health, domestic violence and Medicare initiatives.

Increase in Alcohol consumption

During Covid there has been a marked change in the drinking patterns of adults and adolescents.  We are drinking more alcohol over a 24 hour period.

The Australian Government has stated:- 

We are focused on saving lives and saving livelihoods and this new support package will provide much needed care and help to so many Australians facing hardship at no fault of their own.

We will get through this crisis by staying together, by supporting each other and ensuring that no Australian, even though we have to be isolated, should have to go through this alone.”

Mental Health Plans

Zoom and Tele-Health appointments are the new “norm” as Australians reach out for support.  More funding has been injected into these areas to “catch” those at risk.

The Corona Virus it would seem is the catalyst for these changes, but the funds available for mental health as a result of the Corona Virus can only benefit anyone suffering with mental health. 

Mental health support

$74 million has initially been pledged by the Government to support the mental health and wellbeing of all Australians.

Head to Health (, is a great resource for mental health and how to access help. 

Financial Stress

Financial stress is often the straw that pushes us over the edge. This stress cannot be underestimated, often leading to anxiety, depression and the coping mechanisms we use to deal with these symptoms may be dysfunction if abused. We may increase our alcohol consumption or abuse medications, both prescription and illegal substances.

You are not alone with your addiction

Release My super operates to assist those with mental health and addiction problems get the help they need. The public system, is often over utilised resulting in a waiting period to access resources. Private facilities across Australia for mental health and addiction are expensive and are often not a seen option for treatment due to the expense.

Release your Super to pay for treatment. 

Our super is for our retirement, and the Government tightly controls access to our super. Release My Super applies for the early release of super under a scheme referred to as the “Compassionate Release of Super”. 

Release My Super has helped hundreds before you and will continue to get help to as many addicts and those suffering from mental health as we can.

Ring us on 1300 090 261 and speak to us.  STOP the merry go round and step back into life. You deserve it and so do those who love you.

Paying for treatment

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